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Transcend the Digital World through the Power of YouTube Marketing

If you want people to know your business exists, you’ve got to invest in marketing. Of course, some branches of the advertising tree are more fruitful than others. Video marketing happens to be among the most heavily-laden of the bunch, offering a bountiful harvest of rewards far outweighing the upfront cost. One particular video marketing venue stands out from the crowd, and at GODRANK, our team are experts in helping you use this outlet to your fullest advantage.

Putting Things into Perspective

Reports from the online marketing industry essentially prove two significant points: consumers don’t want to read what you have to say, and the amount you spend on advertising isn’t as important as how you spend it. How do we know this? Well, genuine, brutally candid public feedback tells us so.

At least 85 percent of online viewers ignore pop-up ads altogether. Fewer than 30 percent put any stock in your text and mobile display advertisements. What about those ads you pay good money to propel to the tops of the SERP’s? The vast majority of your target audience forgoes them, opting instead for organic results falling below the paid ads. In all honesty, at first contact, only about half are even inclined to trust what you say on your website; of those, less than half are willing to peruse your written content.

In contrast, 90 percent of consumers place their faith in video. From a B2B perspective, more than 70 percent of executives turn to video when choosing business related products and services. Since so many are reluctant to believe what sets your company apart from the rest based on what your website tells them, the key to effective video marketing lies in outside sources. That’s where GODRANK comes in.

Unquestionable Results from a Seldom-Questioned Source

Without a doubt, incorporating video into emails, your website and all manner of paid marketing efforts goes a long way toward piquing consumer interest and converting leads to sales, but one particular outlet has most definitely made a name for itself. YouTube boasts more than a billion visitors each month, and the number continues to grow. In fact, this global video sharing giant reports its mobile following surges by 100 percent each year.

Why Choose YouTube Specifically?

If the viewer stats alone weren’t enough to get you fired up over YouTube video marketing, we’ve got plenty more motivational tidbits to toss your way. Considering the site’s widespread viewership, you’ll have virtually unlimited reach in regard to your target audience. YouTube never sleeps, and it offers your videos far more staying power than any mere banner ad or television commercial. You want more proof? No problem.

Brand Recall: Some 80 percent of consumers’ minds hang onto information they receive via video for at least a month after viewing. With other forms of advertising or written content, your impact begins to fade in as little as five minutes.

One Investment = Infinite Potential: Once you start your YouTube video marketing campaign, the power of audio/visual takes over. One prospect sees your video and shares it with 10 of his or her peers. They each share it within their social circles, and the cycle continues on indefinitely. In excess of two billion mobile device users are currently online with the number expected to increase by two percent each year for the foreseeable future. More than 90 percent of those habitually share videos with other consumers. It’s like word-of-mouth on steroids.

Viewer Engagement: YouTube video marketing gets people involved. An estimated 75 percent of online individuals say they interact with videos on some level. This elevated involvement and feedback engages prospects while giving you valuable insight into how to improve your products or services and messages to the public. It also helps give YouTube marketing specialists like us ideas on how to better hone your future videos to meet the expectations of the public.

Efficient and Impactful: If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video should be worth at least a million. YouTube video marketing gives you the opportunity to show the world what your company is about, complete with a level of personality you simply can’t pack into a backlink article or web page. That’s what your target audience wants: information combined with the human element necessary for making a real connection. Your company is more than a dimensionless digital presence; it’s made up of real people who are excited and passionate about what you have to offer your public.

These are only a few of the advantages of channeling your marketing ventures through YouTube. At GODRANK, we’re here to make sure you experience them all. Aside from that, we work with you to make sure your videos convey just the right message to your waiting viewers.

Make the Most of Your Video

We’ve already established YouTube video marketing gives you unprecedented promotional capacity, but there’s more to it than putting your phone in selfie mode, shooting a few seconds of impromptu chatter and uploading it. It’s an art requiring a certain level of skill and planning. Your viewers are only going to share those videos they find impressive. At the same time, the reported 97 percent increase in conversion likelihood only applies to entertaining and informative material. We’ll get you there.

You’re the foremost authority in your field. Your expertise and unparalleled dedication to quality and customer satisfaction come together to make your company the one everyone should turn to for the products or services you offer. With our services, your video will express these elements to the viewing public. We know exactly what it takes.

Forethought: No matter how much experience, knowledge and personality your team has, without a killer script, your video isn’t going to reflect all your business’ positive attributes; not to mention, it’s going to bore viewers and redirect them to the competition. You also need to plan out the perfect location. Even something as simple as camera angle can make a difference in just how effective your video is.

Editing: Far more goes into a YouTube-worthy video than meets the eyes of the public. After all is said and done, you may need two hours of footage to cut/paste/dub together 30 seconds of compelling material.

SEO: If your target audience never sees your video, all our efforts are in vain. You need to know which keywords your public is using to find your products or services and incorporate those into your title tags and video descriptions.

Our team has the industry expertise to help you create a video accurately reflecting everything that makes your company the best of the best. What’s more, we know what it takes to get the public interested in what you have to offer. Once it’s ready to be released, we’ll cover the SEO and networking needed to maximize your exposure.

Let Our Team Help Yours

Our YouTube marketing services give you the power to reap all the advantages of being present on the world’s largest and most effective video platform. From there, your growing fan base will do the rest. Contact GODRANK to book a free strategy call with one of our YouTube marketing specialists. Let us help you transcend the costly and ineffective realms of the advertising world and outshine all those beneath you.